About us

Welcome to EuroPainClinics®(EPC)

Relief is our mission

EuroPainClinics® is a chain of independent partner clinics with a unique focus on interventional pain treatment. Our centers provide the patients with a high-quality health care, aimed at relieving them from pain and minimizing the necessity of medication, thus returning them back to their active life.

At EuroPainClinics®, we provide services of the highest standards substantiated by our long-term international expertise. We offer specialized interventional pain diagnostics, interventional treatment and physiotherapy, all these performed by our professionals with a friendly and helpful attitude, in a highly professional environment.

The evidence-based medicine, performed at our clinics, utilizes the best practices available, coming from scientific methods combined with our day-to-day clinical practice. We believe we can thus limit the often excessive, unnecessary and expensive medical care, convincing the insurance companies to re-evaluate the current situation.