EPC Sverige


Welcome to EuroPainClinics®!

The integrated centre for endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures EuroPainClinics® Sverige in Umeå is a modern clinical workplace for interventional pain management with a focus on treating chronic back pain. We provide high quality and innovative treatment that aims to improve the health of our patients, provide pain relief, minimise the use of drugs and enable a rapid return to an active lifestyle.

We offer a comprehensive intervention diagnosis and a wide range of innovative minimally invasive and endoscopic procedures that reflect current trends in the area of the interventional treatment of pain and are governed by international medical standards.

The treatment is provided by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of medical experts with extensive clinical practice in endoscopic spine surgery. The more than 2 000 endoscopic operations successfully carried out by our doctors confirm our outstanding expertise, professionalism and experience. The speed and availability of treatment are further major bonuses of our clinics that benefit our patients, as is the continuity of outpatient care for the operational procedure directly in the clinic.

The professional activity of our clinic is based on the international concept of the EuroPainClinics® knowledge base, which is guaranteed by many years of clinical practice, the top-ranking expertise of our physicians and specialised nurses and is supported by the results of our own research and scientific activities.

Who is a suitable patient for our clinic ?

We specialise in pain treatment of the following areas:

  • Back pain in the area of the lumbar spine
  • Back pain with a loss of sensitivity or even complete loss of movement of the limb
    • in IV disc damage
    • in consistent or newly formed pain after a back surgery
  • Specific pain of the thoracic and cervical spine

EuroPainClinics®Swerige  does not treat back pain associated with oncological diagnoses and any common pain of the movement apparatus.