Social responsibility

Tiny Wave Rolling into the Bay

EuroPainClinics® reflects the issue of social responsibility as an integral part of the strategy for a healthy and transparent society.

During its activities it respects the global principles of ecological and environmental outlooks. It cooperates with certified quality products from global manufacturers and closely monitors and evaluates their efficient use. When choosing medical apparatus and instruments it looks at the composition of the materials ensuring they are friendly to both humans and the environment.

It successfully develops a prevention programme and fights against pain in the form of the large-scale promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. It espouses and champions the principles of promoting physical fitness and mental resilience as one of the key aspects for a quality and full life for everyone.

In the framework of the EPC Pro Health Team, it significantly supports the representatives of a number of amateur and professional athletes from various sporting disciplines and is a long-term participant in a wide range of sporting, community and social activities and events.